About Us

The company ANDREINE was founded in 2019 at the initiative of the owner of the company after many years of improper care for her hair, until she finally lost it. This led her to a natural and gentler path to healthy hair and created a community of people to whom she began to give advice and tips that she applied to herself. After a long search and testing, the owner of the company developed a unique and effective hair cosmetics that has helped several thousand people with various skin diseases and problems with hair and scalp. The cosmetics formula contains the beneficial healing effects of all ingredients and herbs that have been considered essential for hair and skin care since ancient times. The goal of the company and the cosmetics itself is to always move forward, and thus the first trichology salon in Slovakia, Hair therapy studio in Trenčín, was created under the ANDREINE company, where trained professionals deal with scalp and hair issues in depth without any invasive procedures, chemicals or additives. So our goal is to help people in a purely natural way and free them from the problems they have.


    We love animals and we are fundamentally against testing cosmetics on them. That's why we decided that only we together with experienced dermatologists will test the cosmetics. The products also do not contain any animal fats.


    Our cosmetics can be proud of the high quality of Slovak production. We know what we put into it, and that's why you can have 100% confidence in our cosmetics.


    We guarantee that our products contain no harmful substances, no silicones, parabens, sulfates, synthetic perfumes, animal fats, dangerous preservatives or substances based on mineral oils made from petroleum.


    The products are 100% natural, vegetarian, some even vegan. All in all: Everything from nature with maximum respect for it. Thanks to this, the products can also be used by children and pregnant women.

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